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Assisted Living

Aspen Siesta is now pleased to offer Assisted Living Services with-in our skilled nursing facility. We offer all private rooms with half baths. Baths and shower are provided in our dedicated spa room. Aging in place at Aspen Siesta means never having to move rooms again. You can move into one of our private rooms and stay in the same room even if your care needs elevate to the level of needing skilled nursing care. Our room comes furnished, however, we encourage our residents to bring their own furnishing and decorations from home if they would like. Our focus is on making Aspen Siesta your home.

We have a caring staff that is dedicated to ensuring all of our residents receive the best possible care in a home-like setting. Cares are tailored to each individual resident’s needs. One size does not fit all, we take the time to get to know our residents and produce the care that each resident requires.

Our dining service offers an extensive, dietitian approved menu and delicious home-style cooking tailored to meet each resident’s individual needs, preferences and requests. We also offer an “always available” menu, for those who would like an alternative. Residents are encouraged to participate in menu choices and are welcome to assist with meal planning. We encourage residents to eat in our inviting dining room, however if the resident wishes we will also bring their meals to their rooms or even outside to the garden table if that is where the resident wishes to eat.

Again, our focus is on serving our residents needs not a one size fits all approach to assisted living or nursing care.

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